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media relations – High impact media relations is where Limelight shines the brightest. Whether it’s earning 2.34 billion in media impressions for a sports client, 37 million readers around the world through People Magazine, a cover placement in a trade publication, a morning show or a strategically-placed story on the cover of the regional business daily, our clients are making headlines. We have unparalleled relationships with media across the country and across media platforms. We have a team of media relations experts in major cities across the country, from Southern California and San Francisco to Seattle, Atlanta and New York.

media training – Media training is the fine line between publicity and strategic media relations. It doesn’t matter how much coverage you get, if you don’t use the opportunity to communicate your key messages. Our half-day message training sessions will teach you how to identify your key messages, how to convey them effectively, how to work with all media formats and how to handle difficult or off-topic questions. If “60 Minutes” came knocking at your door or you had a 60-second soundbite to convey your message, what would you do? Our clients have been there, and learned how effective communication can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

web site development – Our team has helped build Web sites for multiple clients from conceptualization to execution. We write Web copy, build press rooms and advise on Web layouts to ensure your messages are clear, concise and that your Web site is easy to navigate. We tap our network of Web freelancers to provide our clients with cost effective, expert Web sites that meet their needs.

public affairs – From a stint at the U.N. to major regional ballot initiatives, the Limelight team has provided public affairs support for some of the most significant regional issues through communication programs, grassroots support, building effective coalitions and advisory committees. Limelight team members understand the importance of protocol when working with government agencies and help clients navigate the political landscape.

advertising - Limelight understands the value of diverse perspectives. That’s why our team members come to us from journalism, political, even advertising backgrounds. From media buying to strategic placement, our team can make sure your communications program is well rounded. Advertising and PR can be great friends, and we’re here to make sure your company can get the best of both worlds. We’ll make sure your communication program integrates advertising and public relations seamlessly, from messaging and creative design to placement for maximum impact.

special events – The devil is in the details. Whether it’s a 200,000-person skate competition, a 20,000-person, five-day festival, a meticulously organized groundbreaking, a launch party or on-site tradeshow support, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done. From national product launches for Sony and celebrity galas to launch parties for major action sports events and dozens of film premieres, our team members are armed with the experience and expertise to flawlessly plan and implement your special event.

crisis communications – Every crisis is an opportunity. We’ve helped some of the nation’s top companies handle crises and weather major media storms – from managing the national media blitz surrounding a San Diego businessman’s chartered flight of 200 New Orleans evacuees after Hurricane Katrina; to writer Annie Jacobsen's "Terror in the Skies" series of articles, which caused such a media frenzy in the summer of 2003 that a congressional investigation was launched; to guiding a major new exercise product through an attempted ambush by “20/20” – We excel at keeping reputations in tact and helping you weather a media storm.

branding/positioning – Whether you’re just getting started or seeking to rebrand your business, our branding and positioning workshops will ensure your identity appeals to your target audiences, matches your company’s mission and communicates your corporate culture.

marketing – The best PR campaigns integrate marketing, public relations and advertising. Our team has provided marketing support to some of the biggest names in entertainment and hospitality to drive sales, attendance and sponsorships.